Monday, May 7, 2012

chanGe: something made different

Many of us are probably experiencing the above title word. This time of year brings graduations, moves, and brand new beginnings for many people. At least those of you who are poor college married folk like us. Usually, I'm all for the change, when I benefit from it of course. (So selfish, I know. Call me human.)


This ending semester brought the change that I have been dreading for quite some time.
You see, I know these two pretty amazing chica's. 

Tonya (aka:teets)



Beautiful, right?

I met Tonya through work two years ago.
I met Kenzie when we were little tikes. Known her forever.

Kenzie and I came to SUU together. A lot of people told us we shouldn't be roommates because we would end up hating each other. 
 We didn't listen, and I'm glad we didn't. We became closer than we had ever been before.

Tonya and I obviously haven't known each other our whole lives, but to me it honestly feels like we have. 
When you are working in an office with only one other person for eight hours a day for an entire summer, you really get to know them. 
To be honest, I probably spent more time with her than most people. We would truly talk about everything and anything.

But to get to the point, these two ladies have had a huge impact in my life. 
They've been here in Cedar City ever since I have, so the thought of them not being here is like Ellen Degeneres without humor. It's just wrong.

Life has a way of continuing to carry on and despite my efforts, these two have left Cedar City.. for good.
Tonya turned into an adult and graduated and Kenzie moved on to bigger and better things.

To say I am happy for them would be an understatement. 
These two deserve the very best and I'm glad they are livin' their dreams so to speak. 
And although I HATE not being able to have them here with me, I'm simply grateful for the memories.

So anyone reading this, don't forget to BE WHERE YOU ARE and live everyday with the ones who 'tickle your fancy'. Because before you know it, change will happen and some of the greatest humans you know will be moving away. 

So, Teets and T, thanks for being awesome and changing me for the better. I love and miss you both more than I miss LOST & One Tree Hill ;)

One last thing: If there are any single male readers or you know of any out there who have qualities resembling Captain Moroni, you should know... these two are single. Get goin'. 


  1. Haha. Captain Moroni qualities. I like that.

    Thanks for the reminder. I SUCK at change and I need to get better, like now.

    Ps: how can you miss something more than LOST?

  2. drats. I hate it when friends move away. It's such a hard thing. Especially when you've been so close...distance can change things even more. blah. We just always have to remember that HE has a plan for everybody, and everything will work out' (that doesn't mean it doesn't feel cruddy though.) Keep on smiling girl!

  3. We're also still mourning LOST....