Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it's these simple days that i want to remember foreVer..

Today is a good day.

It's one of those days when you enter your house and find your husband doing the dishes but when he notices you are home he seizes the moment and stops to give you the beautiful x&o.

It's the kind of day that you've been wishing for for weeks. A free night to do whatever the two of you choose.

We chose to do laundry and watch the Aristocats.
The laundry part didn't even matter because we both were just...there. 

The Mr. also chose to cook dinner....

yes, today is a gooood day.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bits of uS..

Negligence is never the answer. However, it has come quite easily.

There are many blog posts that need to be written one day so that when we are old and wrinkled we can look back on our "younger years" and smile at our complete and total lack of knowing important things that we of course will know then.
today is not that day.
Today is just a photo day of bits of our world. Because, let's be real, pictures say things so much better.

Also, Steve's intramural basketball team took first. (picture posted above)

One proud wife right here.