Tuesday, April 24, 2012

oH life and her lessons

Life has taken an interesting turn for the sk-Warby family.

1. We have decided to move from our cupboard-less, half walls of a house and venture into a completely different world consisting of an actual bath tub and full length walls. What will we do with all of this luxury? 

However, this unknown world I speak of won't exactly be available until the twenty-fifth day of May. This would be wonderful if we didn't have to be out of our current humble abode on the tenth day of May. (There should be a law saying it's illegal to have someone move out on their birthday. They should get AT LEAST a fifteen day advanced living quarters for that.)

So... currently, we will be homeless for precisely fifteen days.
No worries though. Luckily we have AMAZING family that has offered their living space and bathroom facilities so generously.
Steve says it doesn't really matter where we stay as long as we're together.
I believe him.

2. And since being homeless for two weeks wasn't exciting enough, our car decided it wanted to add to the adventure.
When we were being good little family members and driving to Richfield for my cousin Jaren's Benefit Auction, our beautiful little baby Stef (that's what we call her) decided she wanted to overheat.

The results:
A blown gasket
Cracked thermostat housing
(and the kicker) a warped or possibly cracked head

Translation: $$$$$

It may be time for us to retire our baby Stefani, (you know, like Gwen Stefani) and get an actual legit adult car that has automatic windows and door locks. 

Call me a baby, but it makes me really sad to think about getting rid of this car. I'm realizing I get way too attached to things, making this transition a dreaded one.

BUT, thus is life. 

And even though we have a lot of changes; some annoying, some sad, and some dreaded, coming in the next few weeks, we still know we are extremely blessed to have these new experiences and life lessons. 

AND even though I'm mean and ornery about our situation sometimes, I'm glad God knew to send me Steven. 

He keeps us both, sain and happy.

So all in all, life is definitely 'going' for us, and we are well!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This past semester I have been interning at Canyon Creek Women's Crisis Center and I have grown to love the place as well as the people in it. This Friday they had a fundraiser at many of the local restaurants and I was lucky enough to be a host at the lovely Costa Vida.

To be honest, it was extremely awkward standing/sitting around for three hours while I waited patiently for people to come in before I would pounce and inform them about our fundraiser and how much we appreciated them coming.  

Some people gave me the "I really couldn't care less what you have to say" look,

and others gave me the nod but at least humored me long enough to hear my spill,

and my favorite kind, the people who actually cared and were interested in our cause.
To you people, THANK YOU.

Thank you for having a kind heart

Thank you for not making me feel like a crummy host

and THANK YOU for actually donating money.

It's beautiful people like you that make the world awesome.

So I thank you, and CCWCC thanks you!

Also, a sidenote, while I was sitting/standing looking all awkard and such, my wonderful Steven with a 'V' came and sat with me for the last hour because he knew I felt like a weirdy. Who couldn't love him?

For that, he received this:

Life is good people. Donate your dollars!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yesterday I came home from my internship and Steven said we needed to go on a walk, so we went. 

I asked him why we were going on a walk and he said, "Because I know you like them and i've decided I don't take you enough... and because it's a beautiful day."

I did contemplate bringing the camera to capture the small moment.. but I decided against it. Need to be more in the moment, you know?

So we walked and talked about each others day.
He picked me a dandelion. I kept it.

Feeling very blessed.