Monday, June 18, 2012

continue alWays

Lately it seems like so many people are going through trial after trial. Even I myself have found a few bumps in the road that to be honest are hardly bumps at all, but still, I have been left to wonder why? 
I know we are put on this earth to go through hard times to become better, but it seems like those people who experience something very trying and rise above it are only met with another blow that shatters their world all over again.
As Steve and I ate lunch today, I was explaining my "frustration" to him.
To be honest, I said I didn't know if I could have the amount of faith I needed to get through. If I was giving it my everything all the time but things continued to down spiral, I'll be the first to admit I would probably wonder if God really was there. 

And then, I came across this blog by a girl named Al Fox. 
It's about continuing. Continuing ALWAYS.
  She makes the comment: 
 "Those times when we are convinced, even just for a moment, that Heavenly Father  has left us crying out what Joseph Smith and Christ themselves felt to cry out, 'Oh God...Where art thou?', are the exact moments where He is the closest with us."

  "Not a single heartache, not a single trial will be wasted or go unnoticed. You will never be asked to do anything that will not be the absolute best for you."

This is exactly what I needed to hear. 
Heavenly Father will never leave us. And even in those extremely difficult times when we truly do wonder, 'Oh God...Where art thou?' He is the closest He has ever been.

So whatever is happening in your life, continue. Things will work out. You are NOT forgotten. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

oNe year & ten days

That's right, one year of marriage.

I'm still so madly in love with this Mr. And it just keeps growing.  

Did I mention we are at the Hawaii Temple in this pic? 

No biggie.