Monday, May 21, 2012

because it's impOrtant

I have worked with some pretty amazing people during my college years who have influenced my life greatly. 
I have always valued their opinion and maybe a little too often would ask for it in certain situations. 
One particular conversation has stuck with me however and I feel it's so applicable to every one's life that I would share it.

One of my bosses has been through an awful lot in her life. When I imagine going through the things she has had to, I honestly don't know if I could do it, let alone with the amount of class and poise she demonstrates. Her life is still full of trails and heartbreak; just like every single one of us.

When I asked her how she does it, she said:

"Sometimes you just have to pray every 15 minutes that you'll make it through the next 15 minutes."

It's so simple but yet, so powerful.

I don't know the personal struggles some of you might be facing, but I do know that you don't have to face them alone. 

I know from personal experience that if you ask, Heavenly Father will lighten the sting and heartache of what you might be feeling; big or small.

So get on your knees and pray. Every 15 minutes if you have to.

"...the strait and narrow path, though clearly marked, is a path, not a freeway nor an escalator. Indeed, there are times when the only way the strait and narrow path can be followed is on one's knees!"
--Neal A. Maxwell

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

dear mOm-

 Dear mom,

Remember when I was little and you would french braid my long hair and poof up my bangs?
 I would always wine about how it hurt, but honestly, I loved every hair pull when I saw the beauty of the final product.
 Remember how Randi and I wanted to cut that long hair but you refused to let us for the longest time until one Sunday morning you surprised us by taking us into the bathroom and cutting it yourself? 
I still remember how happy that made me.
Remember when I was in first grade and I came home crying after school one day because Travis teased me about my freckles?
You told me that my freckles were angel kisses and he was just jealous. 
Remember when you made us go to church every week and I asked you one day if church ever took a break like school did? You laughed and said no.
Thank you for instilling the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and telling me every chance you got that I am a daughter of God.
  Remember when we would take those trips to Provo just to go shopping? Or our annual 7-Peaks trip with the Hooper's? 
I looked forward to those trips like I looked forward to Christmas.
Remember when you would bake a big batch of cookies only to tell us it wasn't for us but for a family that needed it more at the time?
Thank you for teaching me how to give everything of myself to those in need.
Remember when I grew older, started playing high school sports, and became an expensive child with shoes, jerseys, team shirts, fundraisers, and bus trips to pay for? 
Thanks for giving me the money to do what I loved.
Remember when I didn't always get a long with some of my coaches?
Thanks for always being on my side and supporting me when I needed it the most.
Remember when I turned sixteen and I wanted a new car so bad?
Thank you for not giving it to me. Thank you for teaching me that I needed to work for those things I wanted. It made the day I bought my own car so much better.
Remember when I thought I knew everything and you knew nothing?
I was wrong, entirely.
Remember when I would gripe and complain to no end because you made me clean my room, the bathroom, vacuum the stairs, weed the garden, fold the laundry, dust the living room, do the dishes, mow the lawn, and spray off the carport? And then make me do it again because I didn't do it right?
Thank you for teaching me not only how to clean, but how to clean right.
Remember when I would buy clothes that needed alterations in some way or another?
Thank you for sewing almost every piece of clothing I own so it fit. (Even still)
Remember when I would go out with my friends at night and you would wait up for me?
Thanks for talking to me about my night when I got home and making sure I was safe.
Remember when I went away to college and life was completely different? 
Thanks for always calling me to catch up and making sure I was okay.
Remember when I epically failed one of my tests in my Natural Hazards class and I called you crying hysterically?
Thanks for listening to me and telling me everything would work out. It did.
Remember the day I called and told you about Steven? Remember how that was the same day you bought me that ring that says 'Nothing is impossible'?
I will wear it forever.
I think you knew before I did that I was going to marry him. Mother's really do just know.
Remember my wedding day and how you did everything in your power to make it the best day of my life? And how you wore our matching purple ring?
Thank you for remembering our special rings, and for wearing it that day. It WAS the best day of my life.
Thank you for always being there to answer my silly wife questions and validate my feelings.
Thank you for making me who I am today, mom.
Thank you for always loving me no matter what.
Thank you for building bits of you inside of me.
And even though it scares me to death to think about having children of my own and raising them in this crazy world, thank you for showing me how to be a wonderful, loving, patient, kind, humble, and caring mother.
I love you momma.
You mean the world to me.

Monday, May 14, 2012

coWboy up

So Steve and I were FINALLY able to visit the family in Aurora this weekend and we definitely picked the right weekend to go.
 For those of you who don't know, my family is a farmin' family.
Born and raised cowgirl right here.
My lovely husband on the other hand, is not.
He is often the target of many jokes when he walks in wearing flip flops and shorts because honestly, I have never even seen my own father wear anything but wranglers. 
But one of the wonderful things about Steve is that he takes these types of things very well and plays a long. 

Back to my point.

This weekend was the annual 15 mile cattle drive and Steve and I both went.
This was only Steve's second time on a horse and for riding 15 miles, HE WAS A CHAMP.

We even got him in chaps and boots. (Hottie, right?)

Not many people will jump so far out of their element and do it with a smile but that is definitely one of the things I love most about Steve.
He knew it was important to me so he "saddled up."
He truly is a gem.

I've got to be honest, I was a little worried about my riding skills from being away from home for so long AND being put on a horse that my dad warned me might buck...
Rest assured however, I managed to stay on top of the horse instead of under it.

Although we are both a little sore, It was definitely a good time.
To anyone who has never ridden a horse before: Put it on your bucket list. 
You won't regret it. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

chanGe: something made different

Many of us are probably experiencing the above title word. This time of year brings graduations, moves, and brand new beginnings for many people. At least those of you who are poor college married folk like us. Usually, I'm all for the change, when I benefit from it of course. (So selfish, I know. Call me human.)


This ending semester brought the change that I have been dreading for quite some time.
You see, I know these two pretty amazing chica's. 

Tonya (aka:teets)



Beautiful, right?

I met Tonya through work two years ago.
I met Kenzie when we were little tikes. Known her forever.

Kenzie and I came to SUU together. A lot of people told us we shouldn't be roommates because we would end up hating each other. 
 We didn't listen, and I'm glad we didn't. We became closer than we had ever been before.

Tonya and I obviously haven't known each other our whole lives, but to me it honestly feels like we have. 
When you are working in an office with only one other person for eight hours a day for an entire summer, you really get to know them. 
To be honest, I probably spent more time with her than most people. We would truly talk about everything and anything.

But to get to the point, these two ladies have had a huge impact in my life. 
They've been here in Cedar City ever since I have, so the thought of them not being here is like Ellen Degeneres without humor. It's just wrong.

Life has a way of continuing to carry on and despite my efforts, these two have left Cedar City.. for good.
Tonya turned into an adult and graduated and Kenzie moved on to bigger and better things.

To say I am happy for them would be an understatement. 
These two deserve the very best and I'm glad they are livin' their dreams so to speak. 
And although I HATE not being able to have them here with me, I'm simply grateful for the memories.

So anyone reading this, don't forget to BE WHERE YOU ARE and live everyday with the ones who 'tickle your fancy'. Because before you know it, change will happen and some of the greatest humans you know will be moving away. 

So, Teets and T, thanks for being awesome and changing me for the better. I love and miss you both more than I miss LOST & One Tree Hill ;)

One last thing: If there are any single male readers or you know of any out there who have qualities resembling Captain Moroni, you should know... these two are single. Get goin'.