Saturday, March 2, 2013

the seCond month of the year.

Since February jipped me two days, I'm saying I am still on track with my goal. Bam.
A quick "catch-up" on the new and exciting.

Exciting # 1: A real, salary with benefits, adult job.

Steven with a 'v' being the incredible person that he is, was offered a full time job here in the lovely Cedar City.
 So now, instead of looking for PT schools and dreading the debt that comes with them, Steve is enjoying working full time. And he truly is enjoying the job which is so so great!
This job came at the PERFECT time. Those of you who have ever been pregnant know just how expensive it is to bring a human into this world. One day we were wondering how we were going to make ends meet and the next day we were thanking our Heavenly Father for this wonderful job!
Truth: God answers prayers.

Exciting(but also a PAIN) #2: Home hunting.

So now that we know we are staying in Cedar permanently, and the price of houses is ridiculously cheap, we have been looking to buy. We are both done with throwing our money away towards rent. 
It has been fun to drive around with Steve and find houses for sale, but it's also really annoying when you don't find what you're looking for. 
We're hopeful that things will turn around soon though and we will be able to move into our own little home. 

To be completely honest. I have been very hesitant about this house buying thing, and at first the "adult" job thing. I feel like life is moving so fast and all of these life changing decisions are being made all at the same time rather than throughout the years like I imagined. 
I mean, a baby? That's a big decision in and of itself that should account for at least five years, right? 
However, I've realized that although there are a lot of decisions that have come about and life changing moments, we are so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to make these decisions.

A picture.
24 weeks.
6 months.

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