Wednesday, January 30, 2013

there's a baby in there

So I have this goal.

Ever since the wonderful effects of pregnancy hit me, I have been HORRIBLE at documenting our journey through this life and it kills me thinking of everything we will and already have forgotten. 

That being said, I've come up with a plan that I intend to stick with. 
I'm sure no one will care, but I feel like if I put it on here, I will guilt myself into actually doing it.

GOAL: Document at least one adventure/memory/happening/blah blah, each month, for the entire year of 2013. 

It has been said. 
Moving on.
 For this month I am catching up on the most exciting thing in our life right now, baby! No, we don't have a name yet, I know that's lame, but I honestly had no idea how hard picking out a name for a human being would be. So... for now, he's just baby.

Happenings at 12 weeks: 
-Sickness. All food was the enemy. 
-Morning sickness? Sometimes, but nights were the killer.
-Stress. LOTS of it. "I hope baby is okay in there, do you think it's okay, hun? I really hope the heart is beating." on and on and on and on.

Happenings at 15 weeks:
-Hopeful that sickness will start decreasing. Disappointed.
-We finally told people about little baby at 13-14 weeks so it was fun finally being able to talk about it with everyone.

Happenings at 18 weeks:
-We finally found out what little "it" was. 
-Steve thought girl. I thought boy. Of course I'm always right, he's a BOY!
 -In this week I also thought I felt him kick for the first time, but it was so hard to tell.
-The nasty flu/cold/death trap got me and I was not a happy lady for a few weeks. Luckily my doctor felt bad for me and gave me medicine. 

Happenings at 20 weeks:
-Baby boy is DEFINITELY kicking and moving enough for momma to feel now. 
-Celebratory dance for making it half-way.
-FINALLY got my sweet tooth back and am taking full advantage of all the candy I see.

Compared to many women, I like to think I've had a pretty easy pregnancy so far. Granted, I still have 19 weeks left, (I'm really 21 weeks today, but of course I've procrastinated this post into the last days of January) but I'm very grateful for the way things have gone. I've been pampered every single day by that lover of mine, and I am so eternally grateful. 
 We're pretty excited to meet this little man, but I think I'm okay waiting until June. 
He's a whole lot easier to baby-sit this way.



  1. Now your sure there's a baby inside that little itty bitty bump??? So excited for you!!!

  2. you are so tiny and cute! ahh this process is so exciting!! :)

    The DayLee Journal

  3. BAH!!! This is the best post ever!! You are tiny and SO CUTE PREGNANT!! Isn't it so fun when you can feel them kick? I miss that the most. Glad you're feeling better

  4. These are such great pictures! You'll be so glad you took them. Congrats on the new addition :)