Thursday, August 9, 2012

thanKs, love

dear Better Half,

Thank you for taking care of me while my face looked like a blow fish on account of the dentist removing all my wisdom.

Thank you for taking time off of work so you could drive me home since I was too drugged to decipher the difference between my tongue and the gauze inside my mouth.

Thank you for picking up my medication and buying all the jell-o, pudding, and soup I could ask for.
  also,Thanks for remembering that I like vanilla pudding more than chocolate. That just would have been an unneeded attack of emotions. 

Thank you for changing my disgusting gauze every twenty minutes and even checking the clock to make sure it had actually been twenty minutes. 

Thank you for running to your parents house to get ice (more than once) and making sure I had some on my face at all times. 
Thanks for telling me I looked beautiful and NOT swollen, even though I was.

Thanks for preparing all of my meals for me and wiping the tomato soup off of my chin because I was too numb to feel its presence. I know you'll take care of me when I'm old and senile and can't remember how to feed myself.

Thank you for letting me sleep all day and waiting patiently by my side to make sure I was alright. I'm sorry I fell asleep in every single movie we watched and you had to practically watch alone. I know those weren't the funnest days for you, but thanks for staying by my side.

Thank you for calling me when you went back to work just to make sure I was taking my medicine and felt alright. Some days I wonder how I even survived this life without you. 

Thank you for never once complaining about all of the money we have been forced to spend on my ridiculous teeth lately and for calming me down when I start to freak out about it myself

And most importantly, thank you for giving me that Priesthood blessing last night. 
You said everything I needed to hear.. 
Thank you for being worthy of that, and for portraying every good quality of a man of God.

You are my everything Steven Jon Warby.
I'm so glad you picked me.

I love you.

love, your sweetheart

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