Tuesday, August 28, 2012

normal is not mY normal

It's okay to be different.
It's okay to like out of the norm things.
It's okay to be your own.

I think one of the greatest discoveries one can make is realizing their own opinions and joys, and through that realization, knowing that those opinions and joys are perfect, regardless of what every individual is forcing into their mind..
For the longest time I had this mindset that a wife was supposed to be a certain way. She had to decorate her house with nice things that were adult like. She had to cook every meal and do the laundry faithfully. She must iron the clothes, especially the husband's church shirts. She must dress like an adult and shop at Christopher & Banks, and she MUST have a 'normal' haircut with a 'normal' color. She must grow older and as she grows older, she must take on the form of every other older lady. 
While a lot of these things are great and a necessity of living, it took me a long time to figure out that it's okay to do them in my own way.

I don't like adult-like houses with perfect decorations. I like messy and creative and colorful.
I forget to cook and I constantly forget about the laundry until there are no clothes left.
Why would I iron when I have a dryer that works just great?
And 'normal' hair color? Yeah right.

I don't want my life and my future families life to form to the norm of society. 

I want my little ones to have ideas and opinions.
I want them to know they can express those creative opinions and make their own life into something wonderful, something that isn't what everyone says to be right, but something that is their own.
I hope that their little minds won't be stuck inside the lines.

I think that everyone's uniqueness is what makes this world so wonderful.
It took me a while to realize that my different opinions are what make me awesome. 
No, I won't be the socially accepted 'normal' wife that many people expect me to be, and I probably won't be the 'normal' mother either. But I will do things in my own way and make my own kind or normal which will be wonderful.

And in my opinion, that is perfectly okay.


  1. The dryer really is the best iron

  2. i love how i read this right after you just yelled at me to take whatever institute class i want. you are my favorite katie ellen warby.
    xo. kelsey rae.

  3. Love this :) perfectly stated my friend.